Reime Noris/EN

Tooling Systems Authorized Distributor REIME NORIS
TOOLING SYSTEMS is an authorized distributor of the German company REIME NORIS specializing in the production of high-performance tapping tools:  taps, cold forming taps, thread milling cutters, dies,  plug and ring gauges and tap holders.




The philosophy of REIME NORIS is to provide the highest quality thread tools to meet the growing demands of the industry in precision thread production.

REIME NORIS production program suits  both at mass and unit production, based on standard tools also offers the possibility of special solutions tailored to individual customers needs.

In the standard offer:

  • Taps, cold forming taps
  • Solid carbide thread mills
  • Indexable insert thread mills
  • Dies
  • Thread Gauges
  • Tap holders