Welcome to the website of TOOLING SYSTEMS.

We are specialists in cutting tools for tapping, milling and drilling operations.

The most important principles in the business of Tooling Systems are:

  • Providing customers with the highest quality cutting tools
  • Provide appropriate technical advice.

With these two components, our customers can successfully achieve their production goals based on our first-class technology solutions for milling, drilling and threading processes.

We work with global tool manufacturers on an authorized distribution basis, so that:

  • We use the full technical and commercial support of our partners. This makes it possible to take even the most difficult production tasks, e.g. in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries
  • We offer our customers the most advantageous trading conditions.

We officially represent following manufacturers



Tooling Systems Authorized Distributor REIME NORIS


Tooling Systems Authorized distributor of SUTTON TOOLS


Tooling Systems Authorized Distributor HACHENBACH